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Recovery Housing Toolkit Now Available!

The National Council has developed a toolkit which addresses needs of policymakers and advocates when considering legislative and regulatory approaches.

Expert guidance in the development of this toolkit was provided by the National Alliance for Recovery Residences (NARR), in partnership with the National Council. This resource provides strategies and tools as well as examples of policy language that addresses the role and contribution of recovery housing, standards of care for recovery housing and protections for people in recovery served by such residences.

This is an emerging policy area as states are just beginning to explore best policies, practices and financing to ensure that people have access to the best recovery supports available.

There are three sections highlighted in this toolkit:

  • Protecting Recovery Housing: Standards, Incentives and Investment

  • Supporting Recovery Housing in Practice: Additional Quality and Access Considerations

  • Resource Appendices, including:

  • Legislative Matrix

  • Recovery Housing Fact Sheet

  • Resource List

  • Assessment Questions for Action

  • Glossary of Key Terms

Each of the first two sections offer detailed action areas, including strategies, lessons learned and sample legislation based on states that have already moved ahead in this area. The final section includes a recovery housing fact sheet, an assessment questionnaire for states considering recovery housing legislation, a matrix of recent legislation and regulation, resource lists and examples of media stories.

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