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The Pennsylvania Alliance of Recovery Residences (PARR) was founded in 2011 out of the need to evaluate and monitor standards-based recovery support services provided in community-based, residential settings throughout Pennsylvania. Although an independent 501c3 nonprofit organization in it's own right, PARR is also the Pennsylvania Affiliate of the

National Alliance for Recovery Residences  (NARR).


There are many Recovery Residences in our state. Many provide safe, ethical, nurturing housing for the populations they serve. There are some, however; that do not. Our certification requires residences to demonstrate adherence to a rigorous set of standards. Compliance is affirmed through submission of extensive documentation, annual onsite inspections, participation in sponsored training and events and responsiveness to all reported concerns and/or grievances.

Three Easy Steps to Becoming a Certified Residence


Step 1: Application, Profile, and Payment

Click "Apply” located at the bottom of this page. The  application must be completed online. The fee schedule and required documentation is part of the application packet.  Prior to scheduling the onsite inspection, inspectors must review all supporting documentation appropriate to your level of care. Payment for membership fees must be received prior to assignment of your application to an inspector. For your convenience, online payment is accepted.


Step 2: Initial Onsite Inspection

PARR Inspectors provide your primary contact with a pre-inspection checlist at the time they call to schedule the initial onsite visit. Please note that inspectors are not there to ‘take a tour’ of your facility. They must be provided unrestricted access to property, files, staff and residents. In addition to their review of property & operational standards, inspectors are tasked with confirmation that the admissions, fiscal, recovery support and good neighbor standards presented in your documentation are, in fact, in practice throughout your organization. It also important to remember that PARR Inspectors are not the “Recovery Residence Police”. Applicants for certification are presumed to be ethical service providers seeking to complete certification to nationally recognized standards proven to improve the delivery of quality support. PARR is dedicated to helping you achieve this goal. Our inspectors are trained to provide support and encouragement.


Step 3: Residence Certification

Some issues may surface during the onsite inspection that do require your attention prior to completion of the certification process. This is not uncommon and should not be viewed as a “failure to measure up”. The fact that we have traveled this far together is evidence that your organization strives to deliver quality service to your residents. Inspectors and PARR Administration will work with your staff to address any issues that arise and provide concrete recommendations as to how your organization might achieve compliance with the standards in question.

PARR certification is granted to a recovery house operator/owner contingent upon maintaining ownership/operations as they existed at the time of certification. If there is a change in ownership of the Recovery Residence, PARR should be notified of the date of transfer of ownership. PARR certification does not transfer with ownership of a recovery residence or recovery residence operations. Any change in ownership or operations to another party or entity requires re-certification by PARR.


After Certification


Owner(s), Manager(s) and Staff Training

PARR has developed educational and training content, which is made available online to all owners, managers and staff of PARR Certified Residences. Completion of these trainings by owner/officers will be mandatory in order to maintain certification. There may be a nominal charge for registration for these trainings.  The primary contact listed on your application will be notified when the next training is available and you will be provided one hundred twenty (120) days to register for and complete the course(s).


Annual Inspections

PARR Certification is trustworthy, in part, due to our requirement that Certified Residences meet the highest standard of care. All residences are inspected annually and are subject to Audit inspections thorough the year on a random basis. Advanced notice of these audit inspections will not be provided. Upon submitting your application for certification, you volunteer to provide audit inspectors with unrestricted access to property, files, staff and residents in order to demonstrate compliance with PARR Ethics and Standards.

Ready to Apply?


All applications are online through the Certemy application system. To get started, applicants must self-enroll into an application to create an account. Please read all requirements on the Support Levels page and NARR Standards 3.0 page before applying and only apply for the level you intend to complete.

Recovery News

Benefits of Membership


  1. Having input into decisions affecting recovery residences in Pennsylvania.

  2. Increased credibility due to meeting high level of standards 

  3. Ability to be part of a mentorship program, with accredited programs aiding and sharing their knowledge and expertise.

  4. An enlarged free referral base from the PARR website, referrals from PARR peers and the recovery network PARR interfaces with nationally through conferences, publications and mailings.

  5. Widespread site representation at no cost by having your brochures available at major conferences where PARR and NARR have an exhibit booth.

  6. Staying abreast of current trends and issues affecting recovery residences.

  7. Being a member of the only Pennsylvania  accrediting body for recovery residences in the State of Pennsylvania, dedicated to continuing quality improvement.

  8. Ongoing opportunity to be part of an active, knowledgeable network, as well as enjoy fellowship with professionals in the field.


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