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Application Process

Certification with PARR is a consultative process. It begins with a thorough review of the PARR Standard by the prospective applicant. Parties who desire to voluntary submit for certification to this Standard may apply online by submitting the form and associated fees accessible when you click the APPLY button below.

PARR certification is granted to a recovery house operator/owner contingent upon maintaining ownership/operations as they existed at the time of certification. If there is a change in ownership of the Recovery Residence, PARR should be notified of the date of transfer of ownership. PARR certification does not transfer with ownership of a recovery residence or recovery residence operations. Any change in ownership or operations to another party or entity requires re-certification by PARR.

Document Compliance

On Site Compliance

Continuing Compliance

Supporting documentation provided during the application process is carefully reviewed by staff for evidence of compliance with the NARR Standard. Through a manual review process, staff flags standards that are successfully satisfied as well as those that raise concern. The applicant’s primary contact then receives notification regarding any issues that require resolution prior to becoming certified.

PARR requires unrestricted access to interview management, staff and residents to ensure that policies, procedures and protocols are, in fact, implemented in the residential setting. Utilizing in-person visits, field staff assess compliance, under each of the NARR Standard domains, to ensure the residence offers safe, dignified, alcohol & drug free, recovery supportive housing that blends into the surrounding community.

Upon completion of the compliance review and after the remaining steps have been satisfied, including owner, manager & staff training, PARR issues a Certificate of Compliance. Applicants are required to share Ethic Standards and to post “Resident Rights & Responsibilities” in each location where they operate. Audit inspections may be conducted without advanced notice at any time to ensure continued compliance.

PARR is not a licensing authority, nor are we the “recovery residence police”.  Our mission is to promote quality recovery housing through provider compliance with the National Standard. Our certification team is comprised of trained administrative & field personnel. Through open and transparent collaboration, PARR personnel guide applicant owners, managers and staff to achieve the Standard. The duration of the certification process varies significantly based on provider preparedness, motivation and experience. The objective for both parties is to achieve successful certification. Assuming this shared objective, PARR Certification maintains unwavering integrity by ensuring providers continue to demonstrate compliance with the NARR Standard and PARR Code of Ethics.

In Pennsylvania State licensing is now required, and PARR certified residences are better prepared to secure this licensing because they already meet most -if not all- of the license requirements. PARR will help ensure you can get  licensed, and will walk you through the process by providing hand-holding, checklists, training and support.

Criteria for PARR Membership: Independent Providers



Purpose of the membership criteria:


Alliance membership demonstrates that at the time of inspection your recovery residence adhered to and met the minimum standard set by PARR. The Pennsylvania Alliance of Recovery Residences is an association for quality residences. Once you have met all the membership requirements, your residence will be placed on the PARR website and a membership certificate and logo will be issued for you to display proudly.


The following are the membership requirements:


Complete the membership application and review the membership requirements below, as well as our Standards & Ethics page. You will also want to be familiar with the description of each Support Level and the NARR Standards 3.0.


1. Complete the application and fees using the form below. Fees are calculated automatically as per this schedule:


          Annual membership fees

          Annual application fee for all counties                         $200.00


          Plus these amounts per unit (bed) capacity

          Per Level 1 bed                                                                  $0.50

          Per Level 2 bed                                                                  $0.70

          Per Level 3 bed                                                                  $1.00

          Per level 4 bed                                                                   $1.50



2. After your application and fees have been received you will be scheduled for a site inspection; please have copies of the

     below documents for our review.

  • Copy of zoning license per your county 

  • Copy of Commercial Activity License (via L&I Philadelphia) Equivalent for your county

  • Copy of certificate of occupancy per your county 

  • Copy of liability insurance of $500,000 or more 

  • Copy of lease agreement if you are not the owner of the property

3. The Pennsylvania Alliance of Recovery Residences (PARR) exists to ensure and promote crucial management, operations and ethical standards of recovery residences, as well as to provide technical assistance to new and existing homes. Applicants must be willing to support and abide by PARR's findings.


4. Our goal is to help create and foster a safe living environment for those with substance use disorders by certifying Recovery Residences that implement empirically-based recovery principles and practice standards. Please be sure to show how you comply with this criteria.


5. Yearly training will be expected to teach and promote the standard being set by this association. Completion of the training will be required by all owners, directors and house managers. 


6. PARR is an Alliance of Recovery Residences with local, county and regional Affiliate organizations. In order to facilitate and encourage creation of a supportive collaborative, larger Residential Recovery Community, PARR reserves the right to seek the input and suggestion of local Affiliates in reviewing Applications for PARR Membership. In submitting this Application, the Applicant Recovery Residence grants permission for PARR to review this Application or its contents with the local PARR Affiliate(s) and take into account Affiliate recommendations in the process of Membership review and determination.


7. All homes will be inspected annually.



Ready to Apply?


All candidates must complete a Membership Application.  Please read all requirements on the Support Levels page and NARR Standards 3.0 page before applying and only apply for the level you intend to complete.

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