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Important coronavirus information from NARR

Important coronavirus information

NARR has just released a short guide for protecting health and minimizing virus transmission during our coronavirus crisis. It includes recommendations for residents, staff members and operators of recovery residences of all kinds, plus links to authoritative online information. You can accss the document here:

COVID-19 Resources for Recovery Residences, Residents and Staff Members The document will be updated periodically with new information as we receive it. Please feel free to distribute this email or the document above to anyone who might find it useful. Be sure to be part of our monthly open call on Friday April 3, when our community will discuss shared challenges in this new era of social separation, financial distress, anxiety and disrupted routines. NARR and our state affiliate organizations are here to help you address your recovery housing challenges. You can reach NARR at To contact the NARR affiliate organization in your state, visit and click your state’s icon on the home page map for contact information. In this time of crisis, it’s important to remember that none of us needs to go through our challenges alone. We draw strength from each other, and from our shared mission to ease the suffering of those trapped by addiction. We know the recovery community will rise to this occasion.

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