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Food Program

​Caring for Friendshas a mission to provide food and friendship to homebound seniors and disabled, the homeless, and families with children in need in the 5-county Philadelphia region.

Caring for Friends, formerly known as Aid for Friends, is one of the largest and most comprehensive meal delivery programs in the 5-county Greater Philadelphia region. They typically serve nearly 2,000 clients, the majority of whom are homebound seniors. They also provide fresh, frozen and pantry stable food to faith organizations and community nonprofits to fill their community pantries and support their group cooking events.

If your interested in joining the PARR - Caring for Friends Food Program please use the form below or contact:

Mike F. Doyle, Jr


Fred Way 


Now Available Through PARR

We deliver food straight to your door when you need it most!


PARR HAS CREATED A PARTNERSHIP with ​Caring for Friends based in Philadelphia, PA. PARR serves as the funnel and access point for Recovery Residences in receiving groceries and Caring for Friends serves as the designated provider of food. This partnership benefits all parties involved: Recovery Residences save money on food, Caring for Friends™ serves more people, and PARR offers an additional service to its member agencies.




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