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What is the 12v batteries voltage below which the battery cannot be used?

The 12v batteries voltage cannot be lower than 10.5V. If the battery voltage is lower than 10.5V, the battery will be damaged. Charger output voltage :13.8v-14.8v; Battery full voltage :13.8v-14V; Discharge termination voltage :10.5v-11V; Charger output voltage :13.8v-14.8v; Battery full voltage :13.8v-14V; Discharge termination voltage: 10.5V -11 V. After discharge, the internal active substance can be regenerated by charging - stored electric energy as chemical energy; When a discharge is required, chemical energy is again converted into electrical energy. When the battery is discharged, the metal lead is the negative electrode, and the oxidation reaction occurs to produce lead sulfate. Lead dioxide is the positive electrode, which is reduced to form lead sulfate. When a battery is charged with direct current, the poles produce elemental lead and lead dioxide, respectively. After removing the power supply, it returns to the state before discharge, forming a chemical battery. Lead batteries can be charged and discharged repeatedly, and their battery voltage is 2V. A battery is a battery pack consisting of one or more cells. Due to the different materials of positive and negative battery plates, barium sulfate, humic acid, carbon black and rosin are added to the negative plate in addition to the active substances to prevent the negative plate from shrinking and oxidation. In addition, the number of negative plates per cell is always one more than the number of positive plates, and the negative plate is slightly thinner than the positive plate.

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